1. NEM Art - Digital Illustration

    The Problem

    When Things Start Talking

    From Cuneiform and hieroglyphs to modern writing, communication has evolved to serve our societies. When cities, infrastructure, transport, homes, services and appliances connect online the resulting noise will be overwhelming. As a result sensor-to-machine and machine-to-machine communications will have to by-pass primary human interaction and decision making.

    NEM Art - UI Concept
  2. The Solution

    Universal Archiving Interface

    The next challenge is how to summarise and present the information that will result from a constant conversation between peer and machine. A pictograph (glyph) used for data aggregation displayed within parallel digital footprints will enable us to engage with incoming information from multiple sources. (logs).

    NEM Art - Trial Application
    NEM Art - Trial Application
  3. The Idea

    Narrative Aggregation

    The ability to make choices is a fundamental principle of freedom and extending this right is an important thread of our society's narrative. By enabling us to selectively filter the 'noise' of modern life a universal archiving interface will enable us to obtain greater control over our interactions and preserve the on-going stories from our daily lives which will increasingly merge with machines.

    NEM Art - Trial Application

    Thank You

    Phil Mckeith - Digital Product Consultant

    Created - Oct 16

User Interface Design

Working with start-ups to international organisations I have designed and developed the visual language for digital products including: grids, scaffolding, typography, art-direction, iconography, components, UI Kits and style guidelines.

User Experience Design

I have researched and designed user experiences utilising user-centred design and product requirement approaches. My roles have included: auditing and designing navigation architecture, functions, semantics, user journeys / funnels, user personas, prototyping, pre and post live a/b testing and conversion rate optimisation.

Enterprise Application Design

I have worked on a wide range of digital enterprise systems including: Warehouse Management, Digital Asset Management, Waste and Recycling Management, Food Specification, Packaging Approval, Learner Management and Virtual Learning Environments and understand the difficulties, challenges and techniques.

Digital Product Design

I have created holistic design frameworks including: brand strategy & development, product visual language, user interface components, user experience behaviours and online UI asset resource library including iconography and client side code snippets for a diverse range of digital products



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